Platonic Partnership is a vigorous game studio from Vaasa, Finland. Our raison d'être is to bring wisdom and pleasure in the lives of people by developing narrative-driven games.

We also develop digital experiences (physical, virtual, mixed reality) for our customers. We serve museums, companies and municipalities.


Platonic Partneship was founded in 2017 by Henri Tervapuro, Juhana Lehtiniemi, Juho Kuorikoski and Jussi Loukiainen. Back then we were developing games as a side hustle. Our first project was King of Peasant, but we quickly noticed that we would never finish the game as a part-time developers.

So we decided to make something shorter and more straight to the point. We wanted to challenge games as a medium, and came up with the idea for Lydia.

Lydia was a moderate success, and it enabled us to go full-time in October 2018. Juho left the company at the same time.

Today our focus in on narrative-driven games and digital experiences.

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