King of Peasants screenshot 1

King of Peasants is a modern, story-driven action-adventure game, set in the dark ages during inquisition. It´s fast-paced, snappy and streamlined.

Based on Knights comics, King of Peasants is a satirical adventure game about prejudice and stupidity. The graphics are entirely handmade with a mix of watercolors and pencils. The visual style can be defined as a “living painting”.

King of Peasants will be available in 2020 on PC and Switch. It’s designed for mature audiences who have only limited spare time to play games.


Lydia screenshot 1

Lydia is an award winning (The Best Creative Achievement of the Year and People’s Choice Game of the Year awards at Finnish Game Awards 2018) visual novel which deals with adults substance abuse from the perspective of a little girl.

Critically acclaimed game’s story is heavily based on Platonic Partnership team members own experiences on the subject matter. The bleak atmosphere of the game comes from the dark, ambient original soundtrack and the spectacular gray-scale graphics with a hint of color and dark.

Alko (The national alcoholic beverage retailing monopoly in Finland) published a mobile version of Lydia in Finland September 2018 actively trying to help reduce alcohol-related abuse and harm. Original press release by Alko (in Finnish only).

Lydia is shortlisted as “Best Educational or Serious Game”

Lydia is shortlisted as “Best Educational or Serious Game”

International mobile version of Lydia will be released globally during autumn 2019.