Alko will publish mobile versions of Lydia in Finland

Alko (The national alcoholic beverage retailing monopoly in Finland) will publish a mobile version of Lydia in Finland (In Finnish) next spring, actively trying to help reduce alcohol-related abuse and harm.

The adventure game, Lydia, by Finnish adventure game studio Platonic Partnership deals with alcohol abuse from the perspective of a small child. The mobile versions will be released next spring and Finnish version will be available free of charge in Finland.

Alko wants to offer wider audiences the opportunity to experience what it feels like to live with parents suffering from alcoholism. The game is meant for everyone: from those who have lived their childhood under the influence of alcohol to those who do not have any kind of personal experiences on the subject matter. In the core, Lydia is all about the story. Moreover, by playing it through the player has the opportunity to stop and think one’s own drinking habits.

Lydia continues the long tradition of educational games that Alko has published over the years. Previously Alko has published HupPeli (1987) and Promille (1980s). “We are proud to partnership with Alko. Games are an excellent way to bring this sensitive topic to light and let people experience those distressing emotions that alcohol abuse can have on those close to alcoholic, and especially in children” Says Jussi Loukiainen from Platonic Partnership.

Critically acclaimed game’s story is heavily based on Platonic Partnership team members own experiences on the subject matter. The bleak atmosphere of the game comes from the dark, ambient original soundtrack and the spectacular gray-scale graphics with a hint of color and dark.

Alko’s operations are based on social and healthcare policy objectives to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol consumption. Alko works with different partners to promote a responsible beverage culture through various means. One of the proven ways to do this is through games.

Original press release by Alko (in Finnish only):

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