Gosh darn it! We’re Game Developers of the year!

Last Friday was pretty epic. We were selected as the Finnish Game Developer of the Year. We thank Neogames (The Finnish Game Industry Hub) and the jury from the bottom of our hearts for this recognition.

Lydia is our first game. We wanted to make something that challenges the traditional conceptions of video games, and gives something to think about at the same time. Lydia deals with bleak themes such as alcoholism and substance abuse. It’s a melancholic and bold journey to darkness, a depiction how alcoholism is seen from a viewpoint of a small child.

Lydia also breaks the traditional form of playability, because the game is rather an interactive narrative experience, than a game. Alcoholism is a terrible scourge, that almost every Finn has some kind of experience: through family, friends or colleagues. Through decades we’ve been quiet, and this National Disease of ours has been raging on. Now the walls of silence are cracking, and we want to help those, who’ve been victimized: the friends and families – especially children – of alcoholics and substance abusers. Attitudes can only be changed through dialogue, and we want to be there to make that happen.

We’re very, very grateful, that the hard work we poured to Lydia is noticed through this acknowledgement. This creates faith for the future. This is also a very important statement to that regard, that games can be more than just entertainment.


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