Yay! More video

We’ve been working our asses off with Lydia (or Juhana & Henri have, I’ve just scripted and marketed our Greenlight campaign like crazy) for the past few weeks. We can finally show you some of the gameplay elements of the game, although we would rather focus on the storytelling and general interactivity, as the gameplay itself is a bit of a wrong word for our game. But with the lack of a better one, let’s stick with that.

So, we’ve been in Greenlight for the past few weeks. We’d love to have your vote too, so if you haven’t checked out our campaign yet, go ahead and do it now.

We still have a TON of things to do, but the game is looking rather good. As you can see on the new video, the distinctive audiovisual style is definitely one of the strongest sides of Lydia.

And with that, I’ll return to scripting, the game ain’t gonna finish itself!



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